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Various search engine optimization tools are available today; we have listed a few of them to help you understand them more:

Keyword Research Tools– A special tool that can help you research appropriate keywords and phrases to include in your siteâ??s content to make it search engine friendly and generate more traffic. Keyword research tools ask you to enter a few keywords and phrases that you want to include in your content, then they ask you to choose a search engine to use like Google, Yahoo and MSN. This tool then provides you with a list of words and phrases that are closely related to your business needs.

Keyword Analysis Tool– This tool helps you to know the keyword density in your web content. You are asked to upload your URL; after examining the content, the tool gives you the result detailing what words are used and how many times it has been used. It also details if the words are crowded, overcrowded or below the required density.

Meta Tags Generator– This specific SEO tool will read the pages you specify and generate a Meta tag by selecting the most used words and remove the most common words.

Search Engine Simulator– This is a special kind of SEO tool that strips out HTML from the page you designate and gives you an idea about how that page would appear to search engine spiders.

Search Engine Position Checker– This tool is unique in that it can give you an instant report about your websiteâ??s top 50 positions among various search engines.

Web Page Analyzer– This tool allows you to analyze the speed of your web pages and thus improve their performance. By entering your siteâ??s URL, you can view page size, composition and download time. Based on the results, SEO experts will advise you to improve the web pages for overall improvement of performance.

Pay per Click Bids Checker– This tool will take you to a number of PPC search engines and to see bids for selected keywords and phrases. You have to enter selected keywords and click on the â??check bidâ? button. The tools will generate queries to search engines and show you the details on top bids from each one of them.

Link Appeal– This tool helps you to place an appeal if you need some more links in your desired pages. This tool evaluates the overall percentage of links to HTML, page rank number and ultimately suggests you with an idea about link building.

Link Popularity Checker– Link popularity is an important factor that decides your success in search engine ranking. The more links that are connected to you, the more popular you are going to be, so this tool help you know the number of links you have built with others.