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List of some of the well known SEO Consultants & Experts

We have tried to summarize the details of few SEO experts who have contributed a lot of efforts to bringing about a revolution in search engine optimization and search engine marketing sectors.

1. Jill Whalen– She is a famous search engine optimization expert and the proud owner of search engine optimization website She has been actively involved in the SEO process since 1995 and specializing on it since 1997. Here are just a few of her achievements: she owns and co-administered High Rankings Search Engine Optimization forum which has more than 11,000 members and is growing fast; and her High Rankings Advisor search engine optimization newsletter have more than 24,000 subscriber worldwide. Her email address is and receives phone calls with prior appointments.

2. Barbara C. Coll– She is the founder and CEO of, a search engine marketing website that represents the company, Inc., based in Palo Alto, California that earns $4M per year. Ms. Coll is the founding President and Chairperson of the Board of the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) and current Board of Director. She is a well-known SEM consultant, preferred presenter for industry conferences and a member of Advisory Board of Ad-Tech, which is a premier online marketing conference. Ms. Coll has played an instrumental role in taking North American-based companies to reach out to the Spanish-speaking marketplace through search engine marketing.

3.Kim Krause Berg– She is a well-known website usability consultant and an owner of highly useful websites like, and Today, Kim focuses on usability and user interface website testing using the cognitive walkthrough and heuristic evaluation methodologies. She is an SEO expert and combines her knowledge of both SEO and website usability to design each website in a unique way, which results in more traffic, higher rankings and successive increases in sales. She is a successful writer and her articles have been published in top ranked SEO websites, numerous blogs and online publications. She also offers a self-study course on website usability at the Online Search Engine College.

4. Andrew Goodman– In 1999, Andrew left his career in political theory and policy studies to set up a private consultancy named Page Zero Media. This consultancy offers search engine marketing services and strategic advice to individuals or companies who are looking for good search engine ranking and online presence. He often writes articles on Internet Markets, Business and Technological issues for publications like Business Week. He is the co-founder and editor of, a user friendly website and a popular guide to search engine and other portal trends.

5. Dan Thies– Dan Thies is popularly known as the Keyword Guru and has an extensive knowledge on search engine marketing. He owns the website and offers online consultation to Web site design companies who want their work to be both SEO and SEM friendly. He has successfully authored two popular search engine marketing books such as SEO Fast Start and Search Engine Marketing Kit.

6. Bob Massa– He is the most recognized personality in the online marketing arena and is better known for good search engine placement in order to improve professionalism within the whole industry. He provides strategic consultation for marketing campaigns involving text link advertising. He owns a website called that provides search engine placement services since 1997 and also performs link building with other sites.

7.Debra Mastaler– Debra O’Neil Mastaler is an eminent SEO expert and is President of Alliance-Link (, an interactive marketing agency that specifically provides services on link building campaigns and link training. She offers simple but effective search engine marketing strategies and tactics. She is a constant featured guest speaker at the Search Engine Strategies Conference, Jill Whalen’s High Ranking Seminars and the Power House Linking Seminars, which she co-owns with Eric Ward.

8. Christine Churchill– She is a recognized search engine marketing expert and gives emphasis on ethical search engine marketing strategies. She is the founder of She is a member of the Board of Directors of search engine marketing industry professionals association called the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO), and co-chairs the SEMPO Technical Committee. She is a frequent speaker at Search Engine Strategies, Webmaster World Publishers Conference, High Rankings Seminars, Internet World, and other Internet conferences. She is the Moderator for the Search Engine Friendly Design and Usability Section on the High Rankings Search Engine Optimization Forum, the Associate Editor for e-marketing-news with Mike Grehan and a member of the WebMama SEO team.

9. Danny Sullivan– Danny is the founder and editor of the highly popular search engine optimization online promotion website He is an Internet consultant and journalist who has been working with search engines since late 1995. His site bears all needed information for search engine optimization and other information like search engine submission tips, search engine rating and listing, search engine forums, blogs and much more.

10. Mike Grehan– Mike is the founder and CEO of Smart Interactive Ltd., Morrisville, USA. He is a well recognized SEM/SEO expert and has authored many books and white papers, of which his best-selling second edition of Search Engine Marketing book titled “The Essential Best Practice Guide” has been favored by majority of the people in the industry. He was a sought-after search engine marketing speaker during 1994 and his newsletter has attracted more than 17,000 subscribers. Mike played a major role in establishing global Search Marketing Association (SMA) movement and is a board member of SMA in the UK. (