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Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are specialized software programs that use specific keywords to search pages and provide the researcher with a list of the most relevant websites, and in order of their relevancy. There are many search engines but the most popular ones are Yahoo, Google, MSN, and Bing. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making it easier for a website to be found by search engines by incorporating targeted keywords related a specific niche in order to increase its chances of being ranked above others. There is no question that search engine optimization, generated more business leads than any other online marketing tactic making it the easiest way to increase return on investment. Buddha SEO services will help improve your website’s search engine placement and secure good website rankings for the long run.

Search engine optimization is an aspect of online marketing you can only ignore at your own risk. This is because the visibility of a website on the web goes hand in hand with the revenue a website owner can make from their web-based business. With the internet being both popular and affordable, search engine has inevitably become an important online marketing tactic as more people turn to the web to search for information on various products and services. The number of people who are opting to order products and services online without visiting brick and mortar stores is staggering.

So how does SEO help make a website become more productive once we fully optimized it? The simple answer is that search engines are always sending their search bots or “spider” to “crawl” webs pages, then retrieve and store relevant information to its database. One enters a query into a search engine box and the search engine supplies this information in order of relevancy to the keywords used in the query. Optimizing a website with valuable links and relevant keywords makes it easy for search engine spiders to find it. Upon crawling, they will index the website and rank it in search results in accordance with the relevancy of the content given the keywords used. A high search ranking inevitably results in more traffic to the website thereby increasing the chances of making conversions.

Website optimization is arguably the most important facet of online marketing and as such, it is not a one-time process. Rather, it requires continuous, if not daily input. The chances of a website retaining its search rankings increases if it continues adding relevant information. Buddha SEO is a California based Web Development company that places great emphasis on SEO. We offer professional web design services and use relevant software and crypting languages such as Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, XHTML, HTML, PHP, Corel Draw, and MySQL among others. There is no point in creating a visually appealing website if it won’t rank in search engine results. If you want to update your existing website of create a new one that is fully optimized to top search rankings, Buddha SEO is available to help you every step of the way. Simply fill out the contact forms below or send us an email with your inquiry.