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Getting indexed in a search engine requires a mindful approach from the designing level, as sometimes designing set-up makes it very difficult for the search engines to list your web pages no matter how well it is designed and optimized before submission.

Programs that can create problems for Google and other search engines while listing/indexing web pages are mentioned below:

Sites that use Frames

Sites that use Dynamic URLs

Sites that use Flash

Sites that use Image Maps for navigation

Sites that use JavaScript for navigation

Sites that use FramesIf your site uses frames, search engine do not index frame sites easily. As a solution, you can use the tag within your frameset, which will help your framed site get listed.

Sites that use Dynamic URLs– URLs are considered dynamic when they contains signs like ?, &, %, +, =, $, cgi-bin, .cgi etc. Sites containing dynamic URLs are not listed by search engines. So, in order to get listed, it is advised to make a URL that does not contain any of above mentioned signs.

Sites that use FlashThe problem is not with Flash but the way it is used. Many times home pages are made to be as flashy as possible using Flash, and search engines cannot index such site. So care must be taken not to submit the page that is made using Flash. Another fact about Flash is that when a hyperlink is made with Flash, it cannot be spidered by search engines. A standard HTML hyperlink must be made in order to facilitate search engines to link every page you have submitted.

Sites that use Image Maps for navigationSome people prefer to make image maps for their site, but this makes search engines unable to spider the site. So it is better to add another navigation scheme to your site or prepare a standard HTML hyperlink that easily links each page and helps search engine spider your site very easily.

Sites that use JavaScript for navigation

Search engines cannot follow links with JavaScript. For better navigation and proper linking, each page should be linked by standard HTML hyperlink in order to be spidered properly by search engine.

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